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Dumping site transformed into Miyawaki forest in Gandhinagar

A total of five different ‘Van Kavach’ were established in Gandhinagar

Updated: Nov 21st, 2023

In a state where air quality levels are deteriorating day by day, the capital city initiated the transformation of the dumping site into a modified Miyawaki forest.

In Kolvada, Gandhinagar, the forest department has transformed a piece of land that was a dumping site for four years into a 10-hectare Miyawaki forest.

Miyawaki method modified forest in Gujarat

The Miyawaki method is a Japanese technique to create dense forests with native plants for plantations. It requires a small space, at least 20 sq ft and plant seeds can be sown very close to save space and dense plant growth.

Ceasing the dumping site, a total of 50,000 trees were grown earlier; additionally, 50,000 more trees were grown to make the forest dense.

The forest is made available for public use by constructing benches and gazebos in it.

The modified method has been named ‘Van Kavach’ and the first cluster of forests developed through it will be inaugurated by chief minister Bhupendra Patel at Ambaji on June 5, the World Environment Day.

Van Kavach in Gandhinagar

“A total of five different ‘Van Kavach’ were established in Gandhinagar; Kolavada dumping site is one of those,” said Dr CM Shanadre, deputy conservator of forests, Gandhinagar forest division.

“Other sites include one near Borij, the Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) area, Charedi, near Sachivalaya, and Mina Bajar. This modified forest has been established to lower the carbon dioxide levels in the capital. It will be Gujarat’s largest ‘Van Kavach’ covering the area of Gandhinagar,” added Shanadre.

Trees including banyan tree (locally known as Vad), arjun and sadad (Terminalia arjuna), umbro (cluster fig tree), mahudo (Madhuca longifolia), karanj (Pongame oiltree), khakhro (commonly known as bastard teak), rayan (popularly known as khirni fruit tree), and other medicinal plants are sown in the forest.


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