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Ahmedabad-Mumbai airfare surge to ₹20,000 after train cancellations

WR planned a non-interlocking work between Surat-Udhna stations right before the festive season

Updated: Aug 26th, 2023

Updated on Aug 26, 3.18 p.m.

Owing to the cancellation of 36 trains on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route between Aug 25 and 28, there has been a major surge in airfares for Ahmedabad-Mumbai flights.

Usually, airfares for Ahd-Mum flights range between ₹2,400 and ₹ 3,000. But this time, the one-way airfare for the Ahd-Mum flight is ₹7,460 - ₹24,250 as of today. For Aug 27, it is ₹20,166, and ₹12,000 is for Aug 28. 

Travellers from Gujarat who are bound to visit Mumbai have no other option than to opt for a bus or flight. Moreover, bus fares are also at their peak during this festive season. The maximum bus fare for Ahd-Mum private bus is ₹ 4,000.

Rekindle the plan of opting railways to travel between Ahmedabad and Mumbai route before Rakshabandhan. 

On Aug 24, the Western Railway (WR) announced the cancellation of 36 trains on the busy route of Ahmedabad-Mumbai, between Aug 25 and 28.

In the wake of non-interlocking work planned between Surat-Udhna station, several trains have been cancelled, partially cancelled, diverted, short terminated, rescheduled, or opted for detours.

Which trains are cancelled date-wise?

Aug 25-26 
Bhuj-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 25-27 
Ajmer-Dadar Express
Aug 26-28 
Ahmedabad-Mumbai Double Decker
Aug 27-28 
Mahuva-Surat Express
Aug 26-27 
Ahmedabad-Dadar Express
Aug 26-27 
Hapa-Mumbai Central Duronto Express
Aug 26 
Mahuva-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 26 
Bhagat ki Kothi-Bandra terminus Express
Aug 26
Bikaner-Dadar Express
Aug 26 
Ajmer-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 26 
Jaisalmer-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 26 
Bikaner-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 26 
Barmer-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 27
Ajmer-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 27
Jamnagar-Bandra Terminus Humsafar
Aug 27 
Bhavnagar-Bandra Terminus Express
Aug 27  
Chandigarh-Bandra Terminus Express

(*only these trains will be cancelled on both up and down routes)

Non-express trains cancelled on Aug 26 

1) Mahesana-Viramgam Passenger Sp

2) Abu Road-Mehsana Demu Sp

3) Mehsana-Sabarmati Demu Sp

4) Varetha-Gandhinagar Memu Sp

5) Bhildi-Mahesana Passenger Sp

Partially cancelled and short terminated trains

25-27 Aug
Bhuj-Dadar Express- shortened till Vadodara
26-28 Aug
Dadar-Bhuj Express- to embark from Vadodara instead of Dadar station

Rescheduled train

Aug 28 
Dadar-Porbandar Saurashtra Express rescheduled by 2 hours from Dadar

Train with change of routes

Aug 26-27 
Nagpur-Ahmedabad Prerna Express will run via Nagpur-Itarsi-Sant Hirdaram Nagar-Nagda-Chhayapuri

Passengers were informed about the cancellation/rescheduling of the trains via a tweet from the Western Railways.