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Offbeat: Farmers not paid for losses, eye-watering oil prices, neglected libraries, and more

Updated: Sep 18th, 2023

In Gujarat, many farmers have not been compensated for crop losses due to heavy rains and storms. Farmers had paid their due premium for crop insurance at the behest of the government, but the insurance companies have held back now.

Even after paying the crores, farmers have been left to fight for themselves. Premiums worth ₹295 crore were paid for crop insurance by the farmers to the insurance companies, who are yet to pay them back, while the government is yet to take any action in the matter.

Massive advertisement campaigns were run by the government, promoting crop insurance. A lot of money (in crores) changed hands during these campaigns if the sources are to be believed.

Oil prices go up right before festivals

The prices of groundnut oil have started to rise right before the festive season. The price of a 15 kg can of groundnut oil has crossed ₹3,100. If the sources are to be believed, these prices can go up by ₹100 more. 

Traders say that the groundnut yield is good but the prices are increasing because of the lack of control by the government. According to sources, oil tycoons are creating artificial shortages which in turn is driving up the prices. 

Two officials suspended after bootleggers kill a 12-year-old

According to sources, in a south Gujarat district, a 12-year-old boy was kidnapped by the bootleggers, and a ransom of ₹15 lakh was demanded.

Sources say that two police inspectors registered the FIR 24 hours later, and that too, was seemingly an inaccurate one. Unfortunately, the bootleggers killed the child, and the range IG has now suspended the two police officials. The exasperation of people towards the police has risen up after such an incident, and many believe that the bribing and corruption have killed the child.

Libraries neglected among the campaigns of ‘Vanche Gujarat’

The ‘Vanche Gujarat’ campaign was launched by PM Modi, the then chief minister, to promote reading. After he became the PM, the campaign came to a standstill and the state’s libraries have been neglected.

Recently, the Librarian Staff Union presented a petition to the government regarding the condition of libraries in schools and colleges in the states.

According to this petition, there are no permanent librarians in 317 state-granted and government colleges and 5,600 schools. Permanent librarians have not been recruited in the state for the last 30 years!

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