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Gujarat ranked 5th in dog bite incidents in 2022: Minister

Updated: Aug 21st, 2023

Dog Bite in Gujarat (img: IANS)

Gujarat has emerged as one of the states with the highest number of reported dog bite incidents in the country during the previous year, as per minister of state for health, Prof Satya Pal Singh Baghel.

The minister was replying to a query during the last monsoon session of parliament.

19 dog bite cases every hour in the state, 464 in a day

Garnering attention for its alarming figures, the state secured the fifth position nationally, with a staggering 1,69,261 documented cases of dog bites in 2022, as per the data. This equates to an average of 464 attacks per day and 19 bites per hour.

According to the minister, in 2022, Maharashtra reported 45 dog bites per hour, followed by Tamil Nadu (42), Andhra Pradesh (22), Uttar Pradesh (22), Gujarat (19), Karnataka (19), and Bihar (16).

Per hour dog bites in different states of India (Data:IANS)

Though the incidents reduced in Gujarat, Ahmedabad sees a spike

Despite the unsettling numbers, there is a notable trend of declining dog bite incidents over the years. The statistics show a decline from 4.31 lakh cases in 2020 to 1.92 lakh in 2021, further dwindling to 1.69 lakh in 2022.

A striking contrast emerges within the data, particularly concerning Ahmedabad.

While the state’s overall figures exhibit a reduction in dog bite cases, Ahmedabad paints a different picture. Official records from the Ahmedabad municipal corporation (AMC) reveal a stark increase, registering over 58,000 dog bite incidents in 2022.

This figure exceeds the 51,000 cases reported in 2021 by approximately 7,500 cases.

(Source: IANS)

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