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Crowd gatherers at Surat police station after cops beat three people

The victims were subsequently rushed to a hospital for medical treatment

The outraged crowd demanded justice and accountability for the alleged brutality

Updated: Aug 23rd, 2023

A routine checkup at a police station in Surat's Puna area went awry when the cops were conducting routine vehicle check ups. The situation wheeled out of control and the police beat up three persons.  

The complainant, identified as Manish Jaju (28), a textile trader, and his brother Kaushal, were returning home on a two-wheeler around 9.15 p.m. on Aug 21.

Their encounter with a police vehicle conducting vehicle checks on the Intercity Bridge over the Canal quickly escalated. Seeking permission to utilise the service road, the Jaju brothers parked their vehicle and requested access.

The police officer reportedly slapped Manish to which his brothers objected, prompting the arrival of more officers which led to a scuffle.

The brothers were then taken to Puna police station

As the situation intensified, a police van appeared on the scene and took  the brothers to the Puna police station. Inside the station around eight officers allegedly continued the physical assault on both the brothers resulting in significant injuries.

Manish suffered a severe hand fracture, while Devendrasinh Rajput, a friend who joined them at the station, endured a torn eardrum leading to hearing loss, and Kaushal sustained thigh injuries.

The crowd surrounded the police station

The victims were subsequently rushed to a hospital for medical treatment, while the shocking incident galvanised a gathering of concerned relatives and friends outside the Puna police station.

The outraged crowd vehemently demanded justice and accountability for the alleged brutality.

Higher-ranking police officials have intervened in the incident compelling the Puna police to initiate charges against the officers.

The accused officers now face legal action under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

(Source: IANS)

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