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Ahmedabad ISKCON bridge accident: charge sheet reveals shocking statements of Tathya’s case

Despite his friends’ constant warnings of slowing down the car, he did not pay heed.

Updated: Aug 8th, 2023

The detailed 1,684-page charge sheet is bringing to light alarming information about the gruesome ISKCON bridge accident that took lives of nine persons. The charge sheet revealed that despite his friends’ constant warnings of slowing down, he did not pay heed. 

On July 20, the day of the accident, Tathya Patel was driving at a speed exceeding 140 kmph, with his friends which included  Shrey Vaghasia, Aryan Panchal, Dhwani Panchal, Shaan Sagar, and Malvika Patel in the car.

Witnesses’ statements

The only evidence of the accident was caught by a biker named Jitendra Ruparel, who happened to shoot the whole incident with his camera attached to his steering wheel, stated in the charge sheet  that an overspeeding car rammed into a group of people.

Ruparel also stated that, after some time, the driver came out of the car and identified as Tathya Patel. Later, a couple also reached the accident site who were later on identified as the driver’s parents. The father of the driver tried to threaten the people present there and took their son with them.

Another witness, named Ajay Ramesh Thakor, informed that he was present at the previous accident site where a car thrashed with a dumper on ISKCON bridge. He said that the tail lights of that car were on along with the street lights when another car rammed into people. 

Tathya’s plea to the court

The accused, Tathya, has requested the court and made certain demands, including tiffin from his home, permission for distance learning, and more time to meet family members.

However, the college authorities reportedly said that he was not a regular student at the college and was weak in his studies.

Tathya also asked the court to present some documentary evidence including the statements of eight witnesses and CCTV footage. The hearing for the same is scheduled for Aug 9.

On the other hand, Tathya and his father, Pragnesh Patel, were summoned to the court by late evening from Sabarmati Central Jail. However, the traffic police officials associated with the investigation said that the property seized in connection with the criminal case (muddamal) was submitted late due to unfavourable reasons.

Humanity took a back seat

A witness has stated that after the accident, Tathya’s friends, including Aryan and Shaan, went to a food court for some snacks. This is despite being aware that the car in which they were present killed nine people.

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