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A revolver and cartridges recovered from a driver in Ahmedabad, suspected J&K connection

12 live cartridges, and four used cartridges recovered from a car driver near Ognaj circle in Ahmedabad

Updated: Aug 14th, 2023

Following a suspicion, Sola police seized a revolver, 12 live cartridges, and four used cartridges from a car driver near Ognaj circle in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on the afternoon of Aug 13. 

The weapons were supplied here through an agent from Jammu and Kashmir.

Ahmedabad, a crime city?

The police got a lead about the possibility of a car driver having weapons near Vaishnodevi circle. Based on this suspicion, the police prepared a watch on Aug 13. The suspicion turned into a fact when Sola police caught a man with a revolver and cartridges. After the probe, the man was identified as Pratik Ishwarbhai Chaudhary, a resident of Gandhinagar.

It came to light that he bought it from Maninder Kotwal for ₹65,000 through Raspalkumar Fauzi from Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover, he brought 9 to 10 weapons from Jammu and sold them to different people. He has also managed to prepare fake arms licences. 

Sola police have registered a case and started an investigation in this regard.

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